• Corazon Latino

    Radio station Corazon Latino - the first radio station in Russia, playing an aether of the best Spanish-speaking music. Only on their waves, the most popular Spanish-speaking singers. Only the best songs, no average songs. Each song is a hit. Spanish-speaking music is presented by the best actors from Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Miami and Argentina.

  • La Roka

    Salsa, Merengue, Latín pop from Cali - Colombia.

  • Luart

    For lovers of good music: tango, flamenco, arabicana (fusion of blues and arabic music), blues, bossa nova..

  • Malpais

    Traditional music from Costa Rica

  • Ruta Latina

    Latin music straight from Mexico.

  • Guitar

    The Classical Guitar channel brings you quality tunes played by the traditional classical guitar. Also known as the spanish guitar, the classical guitar is usually played without amplification.

  • Salsa

    You will hear Salsa from its pioneering days (Ismael Miranda, Cheo Feliciano, Pete "El Conde" Rodriguez) and to the sizzlers of today. Sit back or dance away!